Permeating the minds of the weak. Face-melting the masses. Feeding on the souls of the ignorant. These have all been favorite past-times of the force known as VOMITRON. Spinning its way down miles of ethernet cable and embedding itself in the very code of consciousness through mediums such as heavy metal, the inter-web and the occasional video game, Vomitron has wriggled itself in a very tick-like manner into a place in the current timeline continuum that will hold fast for years to come. And seriously screw up your day. Particularly if you enjoy headbanging. Raise the horns, for in your iPod right after Voivod and right before Vulva-vacuum, you'll find VOMITRON! And if it isn't there, you will receive a citation for sucking at life.

News Update for 9.12.12:

Vomitron is asked to score some tunes for the upcoming 2013 video game for iOS, Revolution 60. Slowly an evil grin spreads across its virtual face as it realizes this as yet ANOTHER means to assimilate the masses - Vomitron happily accepts. Stay tuned for more news on this as the story unfolds.

News Update for 11.23.11:

The Black Album (Vomitron) is now available on iTunes! This special digital version of the record contains a 2011 remix of "Eye Of The Tiger" which TOTALLY doesn't suck as much as the other one!! At $0.99, this little nugget makes a great stocking stuffer! Get it while supplies last!!

News Update for 9.20.11:

Whoa! Vomitron releases the retardedly highly acclaimed NES video game music tribute, "No NES For The Wicked" on CD, cassette and nano-microbes. Better late than never eh? This along with a new site! Holy shit! Welcome to 1998, Vomitron!

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"...It sure sounds programmed..."

~ The Oak Conclave

"...why didn't they cover Super Mario Bros?"

~ everyone else


1. Arrival 2012

2. Robot Sex

3. Exploding Metal

4. Mandatory Spermicide

5. 2884

6. Frozen In Fire

7. The Fuck Patrol

8. Chicken Sacrifice

9. 665: The Neighbor Of The Beast

10. Fission Of Senses

11. Collapse Of A Neutron Star

12. Penis Flytrap

13. Escape From Nebulon V

14. Mortal Wombat

15. Eye Of The Tiger

16. Vomitron

17. Through The Wormhole

  • Do not listen on headphones. This has been known to cause brain hemorrhaging.
  • Do not listen at a low volume. This will suck your eardrums inside-out.
  • Do not wear underwear. It will just make things harder when you inevitably piss yourself.
  • Vomitron CDs explode when placed in a microwave oven. Actually, all CDs do.
  • Wrap tinfoil around your head in the shape of a cone. This will cause others around you to wonder what the fuck you're doing and thus result in free advertising for Vomitron.
  • Do not stop a song halfway through. This will cause you to hear the song backwards in your mind and NOTHING else for the rest of your life.
  • Do not try to PLAY a Vomitron song on any instrument, as it will immediately catch fire. Permanent injury or death can result.
  • Please wait 45 minutes after eating to enjoy a Vomitron record. Hence the name "Vomitron".
  • Do not download Vomitron songs. Lars Ulrich will paint a picture and then cry.